Friday, March 14, 2014

Faith is Greatest Gift from GOD


                    God give us chance to ask anything from Him. We ask much favor from God.

      We can consider ourselves fortunate if we do not have a need as great as that of those people who are sick and less fortunate. We do have needs and likes to try that we have faith as well. If we are sick, we ask favor and forgiveness of our sins. What is the real meaning of asking God of our needs? Our faith and trust to our Almighty God is the most important. Our parents, our teachers give us a gift for some good thing one has accomplished. In school, if a child makes it to the school’s honors they usually have given a reward. A simple gift given to any small things or big things they received. The relationship between a parent and a child are very much like to our prayer to God.

    God gives us his meaning of life including our faith. We have to do our part in pleasing God and growing in our faith. God is always close to those who are searching even though they may not realize it. The goodness of Lord Jesus, and the miracle is the mystery of God is going, When we ask Him for something, he given us so much. We ask for life and he gives us eternity; we ask for forgiveness of sins and he gives us his Son. The healing power is our faith and belief. Believe in Him and we will see God and we will be saved.

     If we fail to see Him, it is because we are blind deep inside. God always hear our needs and answers our prayers. We are just preoccupied with anxieties of so many needs that we become blind and deaf.
We asked God a greatest gift for our needs, that simple prayer includes everything our whole being.

   The sincerity, simplicity of seeing things and hard work is the only way to realize that there is hope and God is with us. We of course do not want to live in darkness; we want a brighter future and peace on us.

   God is our light and our salvation. Let us open our hearts. Embrace the goodness of our Lord.  God is merciful and powerful, we live in Him and in His good hands. We always ask his forgiveness in times of trials and He is there always there forever. Let it go! God is good all the time.

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