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Divine Arrow .chapter 25…


Divine Arrow .chapter 25…

         “I did not think you would truly do it!” she hissed through gritted teeth.” I watched to see if you would be such a fool!”She threw her umbrella.”Salbahe! You have done a bad thing, soldier! A bad thing! You give such trouble now! Who will be affected? You’re not thinking. Get out of here!”
        Yhecho clenched his fists in anger and spoke quietly through clenched teeth, his mind is screaming for Yhannie. Yhecho was angry with her now! They would all be angry with her! Who was there to protect her? Perhaps a woman’s punishment for looking upon the gun was death, and perhaps they would not wait for Yhannie’s kin before they buried her at stake or locked her in a closet or threw her out in the building while she was yet alive! Her mind raced with vision of all the horrible things they might choose to do to her, and she dashed into the main door holding the door knob while her mother in law chokes her neck.  She stop breathing because her mother in law squeezing her throat and trying to pull her short   red brown hair. Yhannie unconsciously remove the arm squeezing her neck and run out the door holding the door knob, she want to go back inside to get her children. She heard them screaming and crying horribly. Run for your live! “There is no elevator without sleepers she run as much as she can, worried and frightened.
     She heard running outside and scooted into the corner, grabbing up his carbine and making ready to fire it. In the next moment Yhecho darted inside, and she could hear a great commotion outside. She is in the first floor of the building but she heard the screaming and crying of the children. She want to go back not afraid anymore if Yhecho will pointed the rifle at her, her breathing coming in quick, frightened gasps, tears staining her face.
     “I …. Beg you… don’t do it….I honor you!” If you want separation I will give you freedom just set us free!” she screamed at him. “I …. Had to see them! I had to… see them!” her words came out in choked sobs.
     Yhecho’s eyes burned into her, and his hand gripped a quirt tightly. “I should whip you for this!”
    This house belongs to us, this is a conjugal property, why selling this? Why can’t you decide for your own? Why until now you’re listening to her… to them? Now, it’s up to you to decide what to do with this family. I am leaving you!”
    “You are my property and my responsibility while I am gone! You make me look bad!” I am working with this family! I am sick and pain kills me. Why don’t you give me freedom! I want to enjoy my life!”
   “You saw my messages to Ylla? I am just getting my property; I am just fighting for my rights! You want to stop me?”
   “Because…  I wished to see how much of a fool you still are, my dear!”
 “My intentions were good! Something made me do what I did. A power stronger than I. Something made me send messages for her to stop her intentions to ruin our relationship, if she made decided to dream to become as your legal wife … well then I need to stop her! Don’t you understand?” Her body jerked in a sob. How she wanted Yhecho to get apart from Ylla! Never she had she felt so utterly desolate and set apart, not even when she had lost her dad three years ago. “Something… wanted me to understand his secret affair with Ylla…the power… the root of the prowess!” Yhannie yelled at Yhecho.” I couldn’t stop myself!”
    Yhecho studied her silently; then he turned and barked something to the feverish, army soldiers outside their home came to rescue Yhannie and her children. They exchanged words of argument; Yhecho turned again and walked straight over to her, he keep his rifle before the army soldier came to talk to him for investigation. Yhannie looked at her mother in law, feel sad while she recalls that she ducked down, putting her arms over her head, and waiting for the sting of the girt. But she felt nothing.
A moment later she looks  at him, he sit  down  and get pen and paper  writing an affidavit of the mistakes he made asking sorry again for what he have done while grasping the back of her neck. She stiffened and stared at him.
   “Tell me, my wife. Tell me what you think of prowess men. You think perhaps I would truly beat you… perhaps kills you and throw you the window!” He shoved her away. “I tell you now, if you think this of Yhecho, then you still have the heart of a good wife, a good mother and not a busy jerked working mom. If you are so afraid of me, then you still have not learned! When a man has done something wrong like what I did, it’s because there is a valid reason or maybe I was tempted that I couldn’t fight this temptation. I was abusive husband not a good father in the eyes of my children, for so many years I’m doing this. You never complain still you understand me; he looks her wife in the eye and asks for her punishment so that God will be pleased with him again. He is not afraid to admit the truth- that he done something wrong.”
   “You are my man. And God gave you to me. And I’ve done nothing wrong! If there is common problem, shortcomings and mistakes I made in our relationship, let it be!” she answered through tears.
   “I am your wife, your legal wife. And you did do something wrong! You looked upon the sacred arrows! No woman looks at the arrows, and to have it be a woman like me… unequipped.” His hands went into fists.
  “I tell you I’ve done nothing wrong! Something made me do that, Yhannie I was tempted to do that thing. For all those days I’ve done nothing but think about my mistakes, my sins, the things about you told me…about the life…eternal life , the salvation and healing power for my sickness. About all things moving in one direction, step together. Today… I had to see the arrows! I don’t know why. I wasn’t trying to dishonor your beliefs. I just had to see Him. And when I DID, I FELT SOMETHING…. I Like if I…. if I looked upon His face … Jesus, my savior my salvation.

Some of the anger left his eyes.”I have heard he was a great man who believes in Jesus, like Sweet Medicine.” He will be cured and saved. Jesus is very powerful. Please believe me, Yhecho, I just had to see the arrows. I had to see them to understand   faith…to understand my sickness and you. Please ask Him to forgive me!” Then he walked towards the open door with the army soldiers.-want to read more about Divine Arrows? Email mahaliahscent. Thank you for reading this excerpt.


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