Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Jasmine

We were there under the big maple tree in silent mode. No sound came out of our mouths, no voice can be heard. The rustling of leaves on the tree branches gave a more serene atmosphere, one that we really needed. One by one, the dry, orange leaves gently feel from the branches and danced with the wind. Two robins playfully made a nest out of a little twigs, hopping around, finding the right place for the right twig. They happily chirped and sang a joyful song. A monarch butterfly rested itself on one of the Jasmine flowers growing by the huge, fat roots of the tree. It didn't seem to mind of our presence and calmly fluttered around with its beautiful wings. Then another monarch butterfly came and accompanied the first one. After a while, they flew away, leaving the Jasmine flower alone once more. The soft breeze made it lean on one of the roots, as if looking for protection for the breeze might blow it away, but the root was there, becoming a guide, becoming a source of safety...becoming a friend. Perhaps the Jasmine flower was happy in the presence of the root, because when the breeze had gone, it continued leaning onto it.

As I was watching these simple things, a few of my thoughts came into my mind. Why am I here, beside Bill?We didn't talk of coming here at all. For some reason, as I was reading my book in my room, I felt the sudden urge to look outside. When I did, I saw the big maple tree in the park. It was so huge that the branches could cover two of the rooms in my house. Suddenly, I felt I needed to go and have a trip down memory lane...

"Zhengzhou!" one small boy's voice screamed at me while I was trying to figure out who's with him. It was Bill, and he's wearing his bright blue cap again. He looked so small for a nine-year-old. "Zhengzhou, c'mon'! I'm gonna show you something!"

"Alright, Alright! Wait for me!" I shouted back. Then I ran down the stairs and felt daddy's big arm scooping me up. "Where's my little princess going?" he asked as he pressed his nose to mine.

"Same old tree, Dad," I replied. "Bill told me he's gonna show me something. And I think it's important."

He put me down and said, "Oh, c'mon, everything about Bill is important for you."

"Of course, Dad," I answered, he's my best est friend. Well, gotta go, bye!" I rushed out of the door and ran towards Bill, who was making a sour face. "What took you so long?" he asked.

"I just had a small chit-chat with daddy," I answered. Then we took each others hands and walked to the park, which was only three houses away from my home.

When we got near the maple tree, Bill pulled me and said, "There it is! I can see it!"
As we went near, I saw little clusters of white Jasmine flowers. For a girl like me, seeing flowers grow from nowhere was a delight. "Ooh... they're so pretty, I said.

Bill cleared his throat, bite his lips once again as he usually do and stood up." According to my reliable source," he said, then he leaned towards me and whispered,"that would be my momma," I giggled, and he winked. He continued,"According to my reliable source, these pretty things are called Jasmine flowers. They are called as such because they're pretty, simple and scented, and because my momma doesn't know where they came from. But they're pretty, aren't they.

I looked back at the Jasmine flowers and said, "I hope they bloom forever. I hope they make lots of flowers, and then the butterflies will come and sit on them and suck honey or whatever we call from them." Then I looked back at little Bill and said, "Thanks for not picking them, Bill.That's so sweet of you," Then I leaned over to his cheek and gave him a smack. I saw his cheeks and ears turn red as he said, "Awe,shucks," Then we sat down under the tree, holding hands, my head leaning on his shoulder. I remember him whisper to me, saying, " I hope we become like the Jasmine flowers, so we can be friends forever."

Back to the present,I suddenly felt myself putting on my sneakers and running towards the big, old, maple tree. It has had longer and larger branches now. The Jasmine flowers were still there. Even after ten years, the feeling of warmth and security was present in the midst of the rustling leaves. Then I saw a familiar figure move, resting his head on the tree, a blade of grass in his mouth.

"Hi, Bill,"

he looked up at me and smiled. "Hi, Zhengzhou," Then he sat up straight and pulled me towards him. I sat beside him, put his head on my shoulder and held his hand. The breeze gently stroked my cheeks and I felt like sleeping. Then a poke on my arm woke me up. Bill pointed at the Jasmine flowers. They still have the bright yellow and white color that they had when we first saw them bloom. He whispered, "Screw them,"

His statement surprised me. He saw my reaction and said, "I don't care if they die. As long as we're still friends, that's all that matters." Then he kissed my forehead and leaned on my head. I just smiled.

We were there under the big maple tree in silent mode. We didn't need to talk anymore. His presence was enough for me.

The Thing in the Window

It came to me as I awoke at half past two in the morning. Outside my window the world slumbered in the blanket of the dark as the cold wind whispered its deepest secrets. There were lights on the street, yellow and a bit pale; the sort of yellow that you could see tainting the skin of the sick.
Amidst all there was outside it sat there, on my roof, looking through my window. For a moment I was frozen in terror as it laid its eyes upon me. Every inch of my body trembled in fear of that thing outside my window. It never stirred, nor did it blink.It sat there,patient as time itself, breathing . All I could hear was the sound of my fan and all I could feel were its eyes that stared deep into my soul.
As my terror slowly coiled away and turned into something else, I saw it smile. And I felt my heart in a death grip as my sanity fought for its survival.
I scrambled to turn on some music from my computer, hoping to scare it away, hoping that it would disappear. But as the tunes of Nobody but Me played, it stayed there smiling still like a grotesque gargoyle from Gothic cathedrals.
My body was now wrapped in chill and I couldn't move as I thought I saw it inch its way into my room riding the shadows. It didn't move, but it rode into my room. The music looped to the beginning, its lyrics now beginning to become inaudible. All that could be heard clearly is the sound of the running fan.
Its eyes looked onto mine and I could not turn away as much as I would like to. I could still feel myself breathe normally. It came closer without moving an inch and leaned close to my ear. Where I should feel its ghastly breath, I felt none but a chill down my spine. It didn't touch me but I could feel it.
I could hear the blaring trumpets of the playing song from my computer as it leaned closer to my ear.
I could now see its face; its eyes, terrible,
It spoke to me,
And in a whisper, it said its name, And it was called...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Destiny

I have traveled far and long
In search of my own destiny
A stretch of Earth that I can call my very own.

Stumbling upon ghastly deserts and swamps
I've tasted the worst of this world
Cursing the gods for allowing such doom of anxiety.

But it's worth all the blisters,
And the scabs, and the pain
Even the torment of the universe looking down
on me.

Now I find redemption
As I quench myself endlessly
In this beautiful river of silver and gray.

I hear the waters crushing
As it finally meets its brother wave
Glistening as the Sun bounces against its now
lively surface.

Off to the mid-afternoon shadows
The golden brown land embraces me
With its cold and gentle feel, it speaks of
deep solitude.

As if solitude wasn't enough
Salt licks appear to my very delight
Enticing my taste buds with the Earthly

One Sunny April Noon

I wake up
on a hot summer noon
with a sweat dull worried face.

I stand up
recalling what had happened.

PC still on view photos on slide show
outside I heard thumping noise of children
as hypnotizes the sounds of roaring roar.

with blink of eyes
seeing several buzzes
ignored messages

I let myself mesmerized
as I click the mouse

and suddenly It caught my attention
I saw you smiling
an image of you
with eyes twinkling
burns in my head, or it is the sunny April noon

I smile back
as we exchange knowing looks
buzz, buzz ,buzz
smiley emoticons

fast forward...
lighting pierces the night sky,
we exchange ideas
a new beginning of friendship
on one sunny April noon

I Miss You

I miss you today,
The trees did not dance as did birds in the wind
I miss you yesterday,
Thine heart is drenched of tears that which did not flow
I miss you tomorrow,
And with troubled thoughts.I retreat
....I'll miss you forever

A Solitude

I sit here and
ponder of things
that may never hold true.

I pull the strands
of my heart to
keep alive what little
imagination it still owns.

I accept the solitude
because it means to me
to be a man is to take and
hold back what is real and
sacrifice it to the stars.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

True Love

A wonderful word my friend ...
touches your emotions and feelings of anxiety.
A sincere words and deeds
that man's ever say,
feel it's sincerity is a
wisdom and brightness of the day.
Two words hard to say,
sound so sweet and music to the ears.
Though pain and sorrow,
often times feels, it hurts...
but love still remains.

Beauty lies and wonder of wonders
seems so warm, strong and heavy to touch...
sharing, giving and understanding
that is LOVE... A true love...
that conquers all.

Forever I will wait

Sitting on the grass at night
Gazing at the dancing stars
The bright full moon shine on my face
The wind gently stroking my hair.

Thinking of you tonight
Wishing you were here...
right beside me..
where I sit
Holding hands, whispering love.

But still you don't know
Who you are, my prince
Right here, right now
Forever I will wait.

To My Friend

Come, be with me
As I travel on the road of life,
As I explore magical adventures,
As I meet unknown challenges,
As I set goals and make discoveries,
As I take each of the opportunities.
Stand by my side, share your strength,
Hold my hand when I stumble and fall
That though the earth be shaken
And though mountains crumble;
You will always be a wall for me to lean on.


I thought there is no meaning of those sight,
Your eyes telling me something that makes me
When we get to know each other,
a mystery to me,
I've got to know why?...
Friend, I thought you were just a friend,
Remember the foolish acts,
words and deeds,
Telling me help you...
I've got to know, the answer ...
Then, I decided to go away...
I don't know if I am doing right...
Now, I realized...
It's only admiration,
accept the reality...
you belong to her...
and me to him.
We still be friends,
friend you can lean on...
friend you can depend on...
and friend that you can
count on.
Me and you,
Only an illusions.


It's good to laugh, they said,
I laughed,
It's good to cry, she said, I cried.
But love was in disguise;
And a mannequin came out.
Desperation, laughter, tears, love
Dissolved altogether...
Which side will I burst?


It's better to be blind
for I will not see the truth behind.

It's better not to hear,
anything that brings fear.

It's better not to tell,
anyone about what I feel.

It's better to forget you
For I will always REMEMBER YOU.
but sometimes...
it's really hard to do,
because my heart...
I really LOVE YOU.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Love is the best of everything,
We can't live without it,
But we can hurt someone because of it.

Love makes the world wide,
It makes the world peaceful, sweet and romantic,
It removes hatred in our heart,
and change by caring as much.

Love makes life always better,
This will surround you with romance,
But full of expenses.

Love is full of sacrifices, challenges and heartaches,
Sometimes it creates trouble,
and sometimes a gamble.

Love always expressed by saying, "I love you",
but it could be loneliness for one,
happiness for two and
sacrifice for three.

The Real Me

I maybe slow,
But I'm sure of everything I do.
I maybe weak,
But in my weakness, I found my strength.
I may act like a child,
But I'm mature when it comes thinking.
I maybe fool,
But I know I'm sincere.
I maybe sarcastic,
But I only say what I feel.
I maybe simple,
But that simplicity hides my innermost beauty.
I may posses a captivating smile,
But it only covers everything I hide.
I maybe loveless,
But I can still manage on my own.
I may look happy,
But sentiments are deep within me.
I may not have everything,
But I have what I need.
I maybe whatever others think of me,
But it is only I who knows the real

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I've learned

I've learned that it takes years to build up trust,
and only seconds to destroy it.
I've learned that no matter how thin
you slice it, there are always two sides.
I've learned that we are responsible for
what we do, no matter how we feel.
I've learned that there are people
who love you
dearly, but just don't know how to show it.
How will you react if you don't show anything
the reasons of being silent...
is not the reason to leave.
I've learned to realized now... life must go on,
and learned from you is not a mistake ,
but an inspiration.

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