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Continuation...Divine Arrow


Chapter Five

     Krisssandra started awake from a deep sleep, shivering and sweating. She looked around the house, dimly lit by the small “gasera”, a table lamp. Her nightmare brought tears to her eyes, and she heard Crisanta call her.
    “What is wrong?” she asked her.”You called out in your sleep.”
     Her breath came in short grasps so at first she could not reply; for she was still filled with the terror of the dream, and a whimper rose from her throat. Crisanta waited no longer, but went inside, without her invitation, to find her sitting wide-eyed on her bed of blanket, looking around at the floor as though something were after her. Crisanta went to her side, grasping her arms. She choked out another cry.
    “Keep off me!” she murmured. Crisanta looked around the house.
    “Keep off me!” She shook her lightly. “Wake up, Krissandra. You only dream.”
     She looked at her with frightened eyes that began to focus on their true target, and she finally realized she had indeed been dreaming. But there was something about it that remained ominous to her.
     “Ipis!”(cockroach) she whispered. “There were…’ipis’…all over around me! Crawling over me!”
     She frowned. “It’s just an ipis… so what!”
     “I… don’t know,” she answered, searching her eyes. “But I… I feel it has something to do with fate…a bad omen. I remember my father told me before. Take care of yourself and your husband. Yhecho… I am afraid something terrible happened to him.
    She squeezed her arms. “If you feel this is so, then I will call the elders together and we will hold a prayer, we will offer prayers to all the spirits to watch over you and Yhecho since he is on training. Don’t be afraid… believe in HIM. We will send it to him, and we will be strong!”
    Give me courage, Crisanta!” Divine Arrow is watching over us. She prayed silently. “Fill me with your great strength, and remember thaty in my vision I was protected by the great Arrow! Help me now, my Father, in Heaven, in my moment of great need!”
    “You can overcome this, Krissandra, You must, for I am always here for you.”
    “Crisanta!” she whispered, tears filling her eyes.she must be calm and not panic.
     For hours she lay there, praying and feeling warmth and power flooding through her.
     Yhecho is in danger.”Give me a hand Saldivar!”We need to leave this place as soon as possible.All around him he could see nothing but the deeper pit. He could not be certain just how long they stayed in that foxhole. But he could sensed that he move too quickly, he would be detect by armed men few miles away from their area. Without changing his position and thereby risking his life for the combat they are in. Brave elite force (SAF,Special Action Force) not afraid to fight for the people …for the country.He could not know what was behind them.But he would not lay there and die and rot in that stinking hole with rifles as his graveside partners! He had to get out! Even if it was so impossible he crawled, he would have time to reach the edge before the enemy noticed them.At least that way he could die above ground and aimed his weapon to the enemy’s position. Upon hearing unusual sounds of explosion he took a deep breath and reached out for a ledge on the wall of the pit.He got a firm hold with his left hand. “Nothing lives long, nothing stays here,” he chanted again. Where are my comrades, my buddy?”Shunning all fear of the war, scrambling towards freedom into the wonderful, warm sunshine! How he wanted to cry out with his joy! He was above the ground! He was free and alive, and cries of joy and laughter pushed at his throat for release. He takes a moment to compose him and determine whether anyone was still around before deciding what his next move would be. He heard similar whispers his comrades, his buddies no one drop dead for this battle. “They were alive, Thank you, God!”
     “Yhannie , look!” Crisanta called out.” “It is a sign! It is a good sign. Long live Yhecho! It is good a good sign.”
      The lighted candle, this is a good sign!  She looked up the Divine Arrow.”Our prayers have helped Yhecho. Thank you, God!” she whispered, her heart feeling lighter. She prayed that the lighted candle in the altar was a good sign. And she weep, she heard Crisanta telling her, “This is a good sign.””I weep with joy.” She said.

    Yhecho reach the campsite to see that they had broken camp and left. He noticed for a moment at the hated canyons. – To be continued by mahaliahscent. Dear readers…complete copy of this book will soon read at National Library, Philippines.

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Divine Arrow

Chapter Twenty (20)

“It is wise to think of such things. What would you do if I did not come back to you?”
Illa’s heart tightened.”I… suppose I’d give all but a few of Yhecho’s belongings was left in their private pad. And then I’d have you take you with me to my mother in Maricaban maybe at Seventh Street…. And I’d find a way not to let Krissandra notice our plans. I try to find way to get home to get some of my stuff and the car and we will travel goin no where… hmmm maybe to our place… home to Tara.” Her eyes teared at the terrible thought of Ycho not coming back.”I… have a cousin there.” We can also stay the next town for us to be safe.”
    Yhecho stop and grasped the reins of her own mount, making her stop. He stayed back with Illa. “I do not say these things to make you sad,” he told her. “I say them to make you think.” He waves his arm to Illa’s face.”Look if we will leave together… you think it is the best decision? You think you won’t feel regret? What about your family…Your husband…Your children and your work…or that you could even leave your commitments and responsibilities. “Tell me Ycho that you could go back to your family and forget us… forget this affair, and the dreams … the plans. Tell me Yhecho that you could truly do this, whether with me or without me.”
   Their eyes held in a moment of understanding. “I don’t know, Illa. I just don’t know.”
   “I say you do know. I say already your heart belongs here. You belong to me. I say already you know what you will do. You know whats your decision will be when you come for this relationship. You owe me and I owe you a lot. If this is a mistake… I won’t allow anyone to ruin our relationship. If this is wrong well I don’t really care…. What I know is I love you … I love you Yhecho and I really can’t afford to lose you… my dear Ycho.
   She suddenly realized she was trying to help him decide. “Thank you.” He told her quietly. He thought a trace of a smile passed her lips, but Ycho did not smile easily, and it was hard to tell. He just keeps silent and gives Illa a stare and he deep breathes … trying to recall the past… What have he done? What makes his life miserable this time? Leaving his own family and forget his wife Krissandra... This is not fair!
  “If ever Krissandra knows all about this…what do you think will happen? If I will not return to my family, I belong to them and you to your family? He asked, suppressing a grin when he lay his gun on the table. He turned to look at her surprised eyes.
   “I would belong to no one but to you!” she answered defiantly.
    “You are Yhecho’s woman not a wife. I am Krissandra’s husband and you have given her over a lot of trouble… disrespect  and we both cheated her.  I could make you as my woman but not my wife, if I wished… it won’t be realized no matter what we do... still were not forever.
   She raises her eyebrow and got her penny.”Not without my consent. Besides, you don’t want me for a wife than you’d want me as your woman… your mistress…Exactly, right.” It was hard to tell where a man likes Yhecho to make decision… an embarrassment for both of them. With courage and enough money we could settle down on a piece of land or find a small apartment maybe near Evangelista. Illa could rent a new apartment there. Perhaps they could be together and he could give her the comforts of a lover’s dwelling, yet they would still be among the partners by purpose most of the time. There were some of their friends and relatives who are settlers down on Maricaban, and she would be safe near Evangelista’s Street. It seemed as though she want to know Yhecho’s decision. Will he accept the plan! But that would have to wait.  The waiting would be difficult and she is worried about how he would wait for it.
    -mahaliahscent 8/30/14.

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To be continued... Divine Arrow

Chapter 2


     His smile faded, as the pain of the memory of meeting Krissandra (Yhannie) on that trip in a love bus along Ortigas Avenue  many years ago shot through his heart unexpectedly. He looked extensively to the wedding picture displayed in the desk. “I… huhm… I ended up getting married after the courtship ‘pamamanhikan’; a custom symbolizes honor and respect for the parents of Yhannie.  It is a traditional ‘marrying into the clan’ a painstaking extravagant legal exception for me, Captain Moore.
   “Well,Congratulations!” Captain Moore told him putting out his hand. “And who is the lucky ‘Ilocana’ maiden?”
    Yhecho met the man’s eyes and did not shake his hand right away. “She’s not an Ilocana,” Yhecho answered. “She’s from Cebu, a ‘Cebuana’.
   Captain’s smile faded for a moment. “A bisaya?”
   Yhecho nodded. “I met her on the love bus three days before my birthday; I went to ‘Baclaran Church’ praying mama Mary to give me the right woman for me. It was 8:30 in the morning before I proceed to Santolan for my medical checkup. That moment I couldn’t keep my eyes off her while I standing near where she is sitting with two other passengers. I am waiting for the passengers to vacate the place. She almost lost and run away when she noticed that I am running for her. Without her consent I followed her until she reaches her aunt house in Alabang. It was not easy for me to ask her approval to be my girlfriend. Every time I visit her, her aunt lay their sleeping mat in the living room and sometimes pass the bed pan maybe that is the sign for me to leave.  And I found out that she was there also in ‘Baclaran Church’ all the way from Alabang for her devotion  only to find out that she was also praying to give her the right man to love . It was 9:00 in the morning the same day, Tuesday July 21 three days before my birthday when I was in Baclaran Church. What a coincidence, she ended up having the same feeling for me.” But that was after years of courtship.
  Captain smiled again.”Well, where is she now? I’d like to meet this woman who snagged a wild warrior and brave soldier like you!”
  Yhecho grinned sadly, “She uh…. She’s with my cousins and relatives right now also with my sister and my mom.
  “I see,” The man put out his hand again. “Well, like I said, congratulations, Yhecho. I’m happy for you and to your life. I sincerely hope she’ll be able to have more children. For I know you’re the only son and the only man who will carry your family name.
   Yhecho met his eyes and saw the sincerity in him. He shook the man’s hand. “Thank you, Captain Moore” and he returned the wedding picture on Captain Moore’s table.
  “Well, what brings you here soldier?” asked Captain.”Well, I’m interested to the position you offer. I’ll accept it. I know, me and Yhannie will move to the City for good as soon as possible.” “Alright, Yhecho just follow the order and your officer you will take the command responsibility of your unit in your next assignment. You’re a good soldier, a brave one! No one can question in your integrity and command responsibility brave soldier. Life in the city awaits you and your Yhannie. Good luck!”
  Mack smiled. “You don’t understand. To begin with, team is easy to find, I’ll admit. But they’re all from military school, receives merit awards and recognition in the battle field, you see. I need buddy, a buddy who thinks like an Army SAF, an Action Force, commence with men, and understands men.” I figure a man like you; well he’d get on better with whatever soldiers he might run up against, and know how to handle better than the Soldiers in the field. A man like you would know how to avoid trouble because you’d understand them, how they think, where they go and all, you’d trained for that.”
  “I don’t understand what you’re driving at. Why can’t you choose another man instead of me? I’m not an officer!”
   “Well, I just had a feeling you’re the right man for the job. How about it? As you said …Yhannie, you’re wife is four months pregnant. It is very difficult for her to travel from the city and stay in this mountain camp! She cannot resign in her job and to give up everything just for you, be considerate. City is your place. There is a new life awaits you for the future of your children.”
   Yhecho pushed his army hat back from his forehead. “All right then. As God is my witness, I accept the challenge, my new assignment, Captain.”
   Yhecho write a message to Yhannie and give it to the mailman. He is very much excited to move in the City with Yhannie. He is feeling better all the time about the trip with his new assignment. He could settle down on a unit- awarded to him maybe near The Fort. He could buy car for Yhannie maybe a second hand car once his loan approved.
   “Yhannie can transfer to a nice office near their place. With her condition she needs care and attention. Perhaps they could be together and he could give her the comfort of a sincere, family loving husband like me.” Yet they would still be among the low ranking Non Officer most of the time. There were few relatives settlers of Yhannie in the City, and she would be safe if we choose near The Fort. It seemed as though his answers were finally coming. How he longed to see Yhannie and ask her about it! It would be a long time before he saw his Yhannie again. From Tacurong to Negros Oriental then to Cebu and finally to National Capital Region is a long way to travel. The waiting would be difficult and he is worried about how Yhannie would fare alone with the “city life” until he returned. - To be continued…

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Divine Arrow... part 3

     continuation.. part 3 Divine Arrow......   

            Ylla was not surprised when trouble came, for it had followed her all the way to Aguinaldo; and seldom did Yhecho nurture anywhere without finding it close at hand. They were only four days from where Yhecho figured  they would come upon his own team when he suddenly glance to his mobile; its Krissandra’s(Yhannie) Yhecho's wife sms, disturbed and confused, he ignore Yhannie's messages then he look closer looking out the arrow pointing the sign on the other side of the road. Ylla is there waiving her hand to Yhecho.
         Yhecho  cross the street and stared to Ylla extensively. Yhecho finally spoke up scanning the things Ylla brought from Tara. “I don’t like surprises.”
      Ylla already know Yhecho, that he love surprises, He is a man who could take on so many others and still don’t break promises. If they did not stay alert, Ylla’s friends and companions could see them at any time, perhaps later to be on media or people will talk about them. She pulled her umbrella from her bag. Ylla knew, she needs to be careful and conscious.
    Yhecho Park his 'Toyota' red car in one quick movement “we’d best stay in this place, in the trees,” he told her. These places tell me it hasn’t been long since they were here. My men are they’re far enough ahead that they don’t know we’re here, but we can’t take chances. From now on keep your voice low and do everything I tell you.”
   “I’m not afraid,” she replied quietly. I’m with you.” He shot her a glance that should take off the worry in her eyes, “I’m with you and I’ll take care of you.”
 “That all it took to help me a years back, as I recall.”
 “I had surprises you a lot. I am the first one to know how your husband treated you. And it is right to fight with him. Don’t worry I am always here with you.” You fantasize too much.” He replied.
  “I haven’t had one fantasy about you yet that didn’t turn out to be true, “she told him. He just grinned and shook his head heading driving forward beneath the old Acacia tree.
   It was cold in the hotel when they stayed for the night. He could not take Ylla to any place except the Oceanic Palm Hotel in the City.
  “I thought the dinner and a drink is coming up”. Ylla told him as they sat close together near the flat screen LG LCD TV displayed.
   Yhecho laughed lightly. “You make it sound like young lovers. But if you want to use the phrase, they did ‘coming up’, so you speak for your freedom." Ylla take a swallow of water and announces. “I expect the staff department have sent out representatives by now to attend this spectacular event and we will meet for the activities, as their leader.
 I’m hoping that tomorrow will rain so that you and I won’t go out the whole day, and Yhecho stared lavishly to Ylla.”I have plans, I’ll bring you to the nicest place here tomorrow and  we will visit my cousin’s  tower,they are your close friends.
  Ylla sighed, “I don’t understand why you do this to me, even your mother and sister likes me too, it’s so amazing!
    Yhecho pulled her closer, “its love, Ylla. Soldiers have been good lovers and gentle for all you know. It’s true, caring, loving and protecting whatever is our desire. I hope someday you’ll, understand how I think, my belief, and desire. It’s a beautiful thing when you get to know me better, my Ylla.”
  “You’re a brave soldier, has closeness with nature and all living things that most army men have never experienced and never will.
 Courage and braveness is just of an ongoing part of life and death and religion and wishes and all of it. He let go of her and moved out from under the blanket, walking over to his ‘chi mine’.  Seriously looking at Ylla, while pulling her near to him.
  “To someone like you it would be. “ She did not see his eyes peering into the surrounding shadows of his hand; he’d walk to the door to check the knob, then after a while he walked slowly back to her, trying to figure out her looks, while teasing her.
  “Someday we will stop this foolishness, and walk together  facing for our own mistakes, I feel it in my heart, my mind refuses but my heart dictates me.”
  “The same thing that happened to me too, and every time I open my eyes, I see your face. I am confused and worried about you, your health, and your sickness. I can’t help but cries, I want to take care of you, I want to take her place, not her anymore but me instead. Until here there’s no place for me, for us. How can we ‘let go’, tell me?”
  “Oh, Yhecho, I hope there’s a place for us, somewhere a place for us.”
 “So do I. But I don’t think so, what about Nick, your husband?" Ooh!,  For now, you shouldn’t worry too much about us, about this relationship when you’re with me, Alright!”
  She smiled with pride. “That’s already obvious from the times I’ve see you smiling like that, my soldier warrior.” She quickly turned her head to look up at him, and turned her back around and lean on his shoulder wrapped his arm around her body while she is pulling his head toward her face and she whispers, “I’m always here for you, my Yhecho.”
  She blinked back tears and swallowed, afraid for herself and for Yhecho. It was obvious now that someone or somehow, she couldn’t imagine how Krisssandra (Yhannie), the innocent martyr wife of Yhecho knew this affair. Krissandra(Yhannie)  works in the same department, Ylla is the boss while krissandra (Yhannie) work as a staff assigned in the other branch.
   Ylla looked back at Yhecho…”whatever happens, even if  Krissandra (Yhannie) comes to get you, you stay right here with me. ‘I love you ‘Yehcho.” To be continued…. – want a complete story? Email mahaliahscent.
                 Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.

To God be the glory.

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