Saturday, March 15, 2014

Divine Arrow, an Excerpt

Divine Arrow…only an excerpt by mahaliahscent


              “It is wise to think of such things. What would I do if you did not come back to us?”
          Yhannie’s heart tightened. “I… I suppose I’d… I’d give all but a few of our properties and belongings to you, I cannot give you all ... you neglected us for a long time. Where were you when I needed you most? You don’t  care about the children .. they are growing, they were much affected of this situation .You neglected them .However, I did not complain nor even request for assistance. We waited... and waited for you to come with us. And then I’d have to stay to Abby’s Garden for a couple of years…then  to the Fort…and I’d find a way to get back home…to San Jose,” Her eyes teared at the terrible thought of Yhecho not coming back.”I… have a cousin there, forget about the kids I can take care of them. If that is your decision its alright.”
             " Yhecho turn on the engine of his red car sounds coming from his car could break my eardrum. That was too loud and out of control. I step back and wave my hand.” I’ll go now!” in a loud voice.
             Yhecho stops the car engine and shout, “I do not say these things to make you sad,” he told her, “I say them to make you think,” He waved his arm across the skyline ahead of them.”It’s over Yhannie , I made my decision, I’m leaving you and its final. Yhannie  felt empty and barren held  Yhecho’s hand  and said, “Look out there and tell me that you could leave this place, or that you could even leave our children. Tell me now that you could go back to our place and forget us; forget this relationship, the children, and the house. Tell me that you could truly do this, whether with Ylla or without her. She is married both of you are married. Come to think of it! Wake up Yhecho wake up!
            Their eyes held in a moment of understanding.”I do not know, Yhannie. I just don’t know.”
            “I say you do know. I say already your heart belongs her now, I say already you know what you will do, you know what your decision will be when you comes for this woman,”
            She suddenly realized she was trying to help him decide.
            “Thank you,” she told quietly. She thought a trace of a smile passed his lips, but Yhecho did not smile easily, and it was hard to tell. He let go of his emotion and started walking with Yhannie going back to their house again.
           Yhannie to Yhecho, “Do you know that if you do not return, you will belong to Ylla now?” he asked, suppressing a grin when she stared at him. He turned to look at her surprised eyes.
           “I would belong to no one but myself!” he answered defiantly.
          “You are married to me, I am married to you and we have children. I could make a move to put you down."
           To her surprise he laughed loudly, a rare sound from the man’s lips.”You are right!” he answered. He forward for a short way ahead for her, then face back to her. He frowned and said, “Do you know what you have said? What do you mean? That I am stupid and not responsible?”That you would not be proud of me?”
          Her heart raced.  He was somehow testing her, and she wanted to give the right answers, “I…I can’t think of a better answer for your questions,” she answered. But can you just let it go for the sake of relationship, for the family. There has to be…an answer…a reason to go back…well… there has to be love…commitments and responsibility.”
          He eyed her slyly.”You have no feelings for me anymore?”She rolled her eyes in exasperation,” Of course I do! You are my husband. Suddenly I saw his face hardened. His jaws flexed and he stared ahead. She was afraid she had made him angry, but then he spoke up quietly. I do not have other woman; Ylla is only a friend an old friend. Don’t get jealous with her.” He told her. I want only to be a good soldier-the best! The best soldier had no other woman but only a wife.
        I see and what about what happened in the hospital? The messages and e-mails, the calls, the date, how could you explain that? I have all the evidences against you… but Yhannie just look at her husband, for the last time I will try to understand you.” She walked quietly, waiting for him to speak again.
        “You think about what I said,” she told him.…I can wait… we can wait. I know it will not long enough because we were bind by God’s love and divine grace. God is the center of our relationship. If someone who is trying to destroy it ... then I am strong enough to fight for you, for us… not  because of our children but  because of you … because of LOVE.


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