Friday, February 19, 2010


                         Zheshkah Lal closed her eyes as Bill Khan pulled her into his arms for a long passionate kiss. The nighttime sounds of the forest surrounded them, and a soft, pine-scented breeze ruffled through Zheshka's long black hair.
                         "I wish this night could go on forever," Bill whispered, leaving back against the side of the old dilapidated house.
                           Zheshkah sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. She and Bill had just returned from a romantic midnight Jetzy ride on CwC.wake board. An infinite number of stars twinkled in the sky, and a bright crescent moon cart a shimmering silver glow over the sea. It was as if they were in their own special, magical world. Being with Bill seemed so right.
                          But it's not right, a small voice inside her said. Hundreds of miles away, at a training camp Los Angeles, her longtime boyfriend, Corey Partrigde,  believed she was being faithful.Zheshkah wrapped her arms more tightly around Bill's strong back and pushed aside the thought.
                          "Now that were together again, I never want to let you go." Bill whispered.
                          "I know, " She murmured. The past few days have been horrible, seeing you and Irene Galicia together,,,, Who is she?"
                           Bill stopped her words with a soft kiss." A new beginning. Zheshkah, from this moment on Let's agree to start over and make most of the time we have."
                           She gazed longly into his brown gray eyes and nodded. "I rene Galicia Ferrer, I dont even know her. I just saw her name card when i check your wallet, maybe one of your client, a friend... I dont know?" But friend's say they saw you with her sometimes, Bill and Irene going out together. "Hey! a pity thoughts again?", Bill asked, "You jealous?, " "No, just thinking something maybe I was wrong.I trust you, and that trust will always remain, but I will listen to you what ever you say and I smile and hug him. I will never give you up and want to live with you forever. I wont leave you Bill," as I whispered him.
                           "You're so special too," Bill whispered as he ran his fingers through her long black hair. Now, seeing the look of admiration in his eyes, she was glad she hadn't.
                            "At first, spending a month with you, or maybe years with you... but wish it would be lifetime... forever my Zheshkah". Seems we both busy but you have all the time to look after me. I wont be like this if not because of you. Your patience , understanding and love makes my world go round.I feel my importance if I am with you.I am a performing arts and you a busy computer engineer. We don't have the same interests, not the same lifestyles.. but you never give up. you always there to support me and never failed me. Aren't you not tired of me?" Why, am I tired and boring to you? Bill asked. Hmmmmm ...again stupid questions you always like that.. asking me the same questions again and again."
                             "Are you cold?" Bill asked softly. His warm breath tickled Zheshkah's ear.
                             Zheshkah pushed Irene out of her mind." What would you do for me if I was?" She challenged in a flirtatious tone," Bill cocked her head, as if thinking it over carefully, " I'd give you the shirt off my back."
                             Zheshkah laughed softly running her lips softly against his," you're to kind," she teased.
                             He looked down at his dark black university sweatshirt, you're right."
                             She laughed and showed him playfully.
                             "Alright, it's yours," he said. "No, really, Bill, I'm fine, "she protested."
                              " Your arms are covered with goose bumps", he said, slipping his shirt over her head.
                             "It was too big". she said, laughing, " But it's so nice and warm. You may never get it back." she told her playfully as she rolled up the sleeves to her wrists.
                             He cupped her chin in his hands. "I'm sure you can have or many sweatshirts if you want, but mine is one of a kind."
                            Zheshkah felt a rush of pleasure. She knew he was referring to more than just her looks. After all, her looks weren't unique at all, but she seems so very special to Bill. I hope and always hope he would remain the same and wont look for another Irene or any other woman except me. "What about Irene?" I asked. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha... she is nothing, just my friend interest.. not for me of course but for my friend. He held my hand and said, "no one except you in my life in this world and even in paradise we will be together, you and me only... only you my Zheshkah."
                            "You know, "you're a great actress sometimes but like I said, you're one of a kind."
"Hmmmmm. how many more minutes it takes for you to finish your paper works? Would you like to rest now? It's nearly midnight and Bill said, stop what you doin right now.stop writing. We didn't go in CwC wakeboard just writing and finish your work! We came here to relax and we need to rest now!  just continue your work tomorrow , alright!." Bill slipped his finger on my hair and give me a kiss, we sleep now Jani." Bill said.
                           "I stop my work  and we went to bed.

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