Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flash of Light...

                         Once I came upon a soul weeping silently by the edge of a whirlwind site. It pained me keenly to see a thing so sad, and so I went up to him and touched him lightly on his broken little wings. He seemed surprised, and when he looked at me, I saw his eyes with a light in him strangely familiar.
                         "Did I disturb you, friend?" I asked.
                         "No, but you touched me when I am weak, alone and lonely."
                         "And why is it your weak, alone and lonely?"
                         "I am looking for a true friend, I came from no where, too far from you, but I came for you fear and bravely, and the strong wind buffered me, and my struggles went off just to see and  near with you.
"And why did you fly so far and bravely, friend?"
                          "I was following the light. I want to be near with you, feel you and touch you. Then suddenly a flare got into my left eye, then to my right eye, and I could not see. All was is darkness, wishing you were here to guide me, accept me though its painful and sorrow acceptance of truth kills me. I cant deny I am lost in the dark. How I wish to see the light, the gleam and you is my life my light and my strength. But my soul search you with all trials and darkness. I beat the void more mightily than before. In my heart was no longer the memory of the gleam, but rebellion against the darkness in my eyes."
                          "And what then did you do?"
                          "I vowed vengeance against the void and the darkness, and I forgot the Gleam. Then I flew into a storm that mocked the daring of my strong belief, of my eagerness to fight and hurled me down beside this whirlwind site. I was looking into the mirror of the site, for now I can see but the light is gone , something  has passed away from me.
                          "Not forever, friend," I assured him, "for there are new friends here, new friends to look after you and guide you. With me, you can follow the light, the path you've been looking for.
                           If you will come with me. I will take you to them where they cure the sick on the steps of the temple. The golden mosque where you can be at peace. No worries, no pain, no struggle. but there you will find peace and happiness. Fulfillment of ones desires, just accept Him. The greatest God , Allah.
                          "I will come with you because I trust you, because you are so kind, " and in scarcely audible whisper, "because I am your own soul."
                          "Then I knew why his eyes had looked so strangely familiar to me. And down the road we walked together, my soul, and I towards the temple whose tall spires gleamed silver bright in the rays of the setting sun.
                          "Yes, I am with you... and no doubt to go with you. With your strength and my belief... we will blessed by our faith  and love. Happiness is  not only here in this world but in paradise too.We should be thankful and praise Him and treasure His love.For  with all our hearts only Him is our savior and our protector.
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