Wednesday, December 30, 2009


by: Mahaliahscent

Stiff and pale, I am derailed.
Caught somewhere in between reality
and the fantasy I've made...
Covering myself up with fake smiles,
Will I be forever living in disguise?

I find solace in your Happiness
But If I'm the reason for your loneliness and failures
Then I'll gladly walk away from grace
and give you some space...

Only time can tell what will happen
And! don't want to be another burden...
So I'm waiting for the end
with the hope that everything will mend
so that I could stop playing pretend
That I don't want to spend
The rest of my life with a godsend.

But if the right time comes...
and you wish to come back
with no doubts and fear...
I am here waiting, and will never...
 been pretending.
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