Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Existence to Denial By:Mahaliahscent

I.Let it not be true that man’s soul is
inborn. Let it be true that man’s soul
is earned.
Man, they say, is not born with a soul,
man is born with flesh and bones and
a mind for him to ponder;
but he is not with a soul for him
to value all that is around him.
To earn his soul, man must learn
to value; to learn to value, he
must have a soul.

II. Man’s way of thinking is beyond simplicity
and is hard to comprehend, but when
expressed, it is more simple than being
thought of.

III. Neither a man nor a woman is either
strong-willed or iron-hearted.
they are both- in nature- afraid of

III.a. Man learns to fear through fate, and
through fate, man fears.

IV. Existence goes wrong when man goes
wrong; but existence become worse
when man decides to be good.
Extinction is an existence does, man
is more a bane than a boon in
his unceasing search for meaning.

V. Death is not of fate and destiny,
death is man’s subconscious choice
to live.

VI. The world is neither good nor bad.
and never has it been perfect
nor apocalyptic.

VII. Man is able to think without boundaries,
this he doesn’t know;
for to completely learn this, he must
learn that knowledge has its limits.

VIII. With all of this, with no fears and doubts,
learn to accept, and give your trust and love
and for sure you will never fail.