Friday, September 25, 2009

The Thing in the Window

It came to me as I awoke at half past two in the morning. Outside my window the world slumbered in the blanket of the dark as the cold wind whispered its deepest secrets. There were lights on the street, yellow and a bit pale; the sort of yellow that you could see tainting the skin of the sick.
Amidst all there was outside it sat there, on my roof, looking through my window. For a moment I was frozen in terror as it laid its eyes upon me. Every inch of my body trembled in fear of that thing outside my window. It never stirred, nor did it blink.It sat there,patient as time itself, breathing . All I could hear was the sound of my fan and all I could feel were its eyes that stared deep into my soul.
As my terror slowly coiled away and turned into something else, I saw it smile. And I felt my heart in a death grip as my sanity fought for its survival.
I scrambled to turn on some music from my computer, hoping to scare it away, hoping that it would disappear. But as the tunes of Nobody but Me played, it stayed there smiling still like a grotesque gargoyle from Gothic cathedrals.
My body was now wrapped in chill and I couldn't move as I thought I saw it inch its way into my room riding the shadows. It didn't move, but it rode into my room. The music looped to the beginning, its lyrics now beginning to become inaudible. All that could be heard clearly is the sound of the running fan.
Its eyes looked onto mine and I could not turn away as much as I would like to. I could still feel myself breathe normally. It came closer without moving an inch and leaned close to my ear. Where I should feel its ghastly breath, I felt none but a chill down my spine. It didn't touch me but I could feel it.
I could hear the blaring trumpets of the playing song from my computer as it leaned closer to my ear.
I could now see its face; its eyes, terrible,
It spoke to me,
And in a whisper, it said its name, And it was called...
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