Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Destiny

I have traveled far and long
In search of my own destiny
A stretch of Earth that I can call my very own.

Stumbling upon ghastly deserts and swamps
I've tasted the worst of this world
Cursing the gods for allowing such doom of anxiety.

But it's worth all the blisters,
And the scabs, and the pain
Even the torment of the universe looking down
on me.

Now I find redemption
As I quench myself endlessly
In this beautiful river of silver and gray.

I hear the waters crushing
As it finally meets its brother wave
Glistening as the Sun bounces against its now
lively surface.

Off to the mid-afternoon shadows
The golden brown land embraces me
With its cold and gentle feel, it speaks of
deep solitude.

As if solitude wasn't enough
Salt licks appear to my very delight
Enticing my taste buds with the Earthly
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