Friday, August 29, 2014

Divine Arrow

Chapter Twenty (20)

“It is wise to think of such things. What would you do if I did not come back to you?”
Illa’s heart tightened.”I… suppose I’d give all but a few of Yhecho’s belongings was left in their private pad. And then I’d have you take you with me to my mother in Maricaban maybe at Seventh Street…. And I’d find a way not to let Krissandra notice our plans. I try to find way to get home to get some of my stuff and the car and we will travel goin no where… hmmm maybe to our place… home to Tara.” Her eyes teared at the terrible thought of Ycho not coming back.”I… have a cousin there.” We can also stay the next town for us to be safe.”
    Yhecho stop and grasped the reins of her own mount, making her stop. He stayed back with Illa. “I do not say these things to make you sad,” he told her. “I say them to make you think.” He waves his arm to Illa’s face.”Look if we will leave together… you think it is the best decision? You think you won’t feel regret? What about your family…Your husband…Your children and your work…or that you could even leave your commitments and responsibilities. “Tell me Ycho that you could go back to your family and forget us… forget this affair, and the dreams … the plans. Tell me Yhecho that you could truly do this, whether with me or without me.”
   Their eyes held in a moment of understanding. “I don’t know, Illa. I just don’t know.”
   “I say you do know. I say already your heart belongs here. You belong to me. I say already you know what you will do. You know whats your decision will be when you come for this relationship. You owe me and I owe you a lot. If this is a mistake… I won’t allow anyone to ruin our relationship. If this is wrong well I don’t really care…. What I know is I love you … I love you Yhecho and I really can’t afford to lose you… my dear Ycho.
   She suddenly realized she was trying to help him decide. “Thank you.” He told her quietly. He thought a trace of a smile passed her lips, but Ycho did not smile easily, and it was hard to tell. He just keeps silent and gives Illa a stare and he deep breathes … trying to recall the past… What have he done? What makes his life miserable this time? Leaving his own family and forget his wife Krissandra... This is not fair!
  “If ever Krissandra knows all about this…what do you think will happen? If I will not return to my family, I belong to them and you to your family? He asked, suppressing a grin when he lay his gun on the table. He turned to look at her surprised eyes.
   “I would belong to no one but to you!” she answered defiantly.
    “You are Yhecho’s woman not a wife. I am Krissandra’s husband and you have given her over a lot of trouble… disrespect  and we both cheated her.  I could make you as my woman but not my wife, if I wished… it won’t be realized no matter what we do... still were not forever.
   She raises her eyebrow and got her penny.”Not without my consent. Besides, you don’t want me for a wife than you’d want me as your woman… your mistress…Exactly, right.” It was hard to tell where a man likes Yhecho to make decision… an embarrassment for both of them. With courage and enough money we could settle down on a piece of land or find a small apartment maybe near Evangelista. Illa could rent a new apartment there. Perhaps they could be together and he could give her the comforts of a lover’s dwelling, yet they would still be among the partners by purpose most of the time. There were some of their friends and relatives who are settlers down on Maricaban, and she would be safe near Evangelista’s Street. It seemed as though she want to know Yhecho’s decision. Will he accept the plan! But that would have to wait.  The waiting would be difficult and she is worried about how he would wait for it.
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