Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kites and Planes

              It was a great day to stroll in the park and watch how people spend their idle time. Families arrived with picnic baskets. Kids played Frisbee with their dogs. Couples walked hand-in-hand, sat under the tree and kissed like there was no one there. Other kids  were on top of a hill, flying their kites of different shapes, colors and sizes. They soared high up in the sky like exotic birds gliding beneath the afternoon skies. I was fortunate enough to have my own tree, free of kissing couples, I sat on one of the branches that almost touched the ground,  while Bill laid a small towel on one of the roots and rested his head on it.

               "I wonder if kites get tangled with airplane wings".

                Bill looked at me with those what-the-heck-are-you-thinking eyes. "Whatever,"he said.
"No really ," I said, "Maybe if I held on tight to the kite and it got tangled on one of the plane's wings, I could go places."

"Jasmine," he said as he sat up straight, "trust me, I don't want that to happen."

I didn't bother to ask him why , because I knew he's going to give me a comeback. And I wasn't in the mood to hurt anybody at that time, so I let him be, Besides, I was busy dreaming...

"Maybe when I get used at hanging on to the plane's wings, I'll also get used to flying. Maybe I wouldn't need that kite anymore. I'm going to learn to fly, Fly far away from here." Would that be happened? A thousand words and questions maybe not anymore.

I heard Bill whisper something like, "No way," I just rolled my eyes. He should get used to me thinking out loud,

"Or maybe you could help me,"

"What? Me?" he said, "How?"

"I'm gonna make a kite, and I'll be the stick that would hold it together. Then you're gonna pull me when the wind is strong. Then you could snip the rope so I could fly away."

I sat beside him and said, "Wouldn't that be nice, Bill? I've always wanted to fly." Escape from the cage i was in ....but how?

"I don't want you to do that." he said. I was surprised with what he said. He has always supported me on everything that I dreamed of. This was the first time he said no to me.

"Bill, you said before that whatever I do-"

"Screw what I said before, I just don't want you to leave me, Ever.Is that clear? Call me possessive , but I don't want you to leave me here, alone. I don't wanna be alone anymore, that's all."

His cheeks turned red, "But, Jasmine, if you really want to fly away on a kite, then I guess I'll just miss you."

I squeezed his hand, He looked at me, I smiled, pulled him close, and made him lie down on my lap. "I'm not gonna leave you, never."
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